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15 November 2021 - 18 November 2021
TURIN, Italy
TORINO FASHION MATCH 2021_digital event
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Open until 11 November 2021

TORINO FASHION WEEK 2021 (15 - 21 November 2021) 

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The TORINO FASHION WEEK is an international, indipendent and innovative format addressed to young fashion designers, brands and fashion small and medium enterprises, organized every year by the TMODA srl society. 

Every year international brands from all over the world take part into this huge event that combines :

  • 7 days of international catwalks shows 
  • Talks and interviews with international brands
  • Networking and brands visibility 

The added value of Torino Fashion Week : 

  1. Catwalks' show (man_ woman_ kid) to promote your brand
  2. Social e- commerce (TFW e-commerce + Baiabasa E-commerce) to sell your products
  3. Networking with new clients
  4. Talks and Interviews with brands to discover new trends
  5. Growth 
  6. TFW Magazine and communication

The Covid-19 marked the moment of metamorphosis in the fashion system. The traditional and old system of the fashion week was based, actually , on parameters that now can no longer be applied and imposed in such a massive way.
COVID-19 brought a new agenda in order to reinvent the fashion communication practices.
Fashion Weeks all over the world had to adapt and get into a new shift of paradigm, where DIGITAL is the new black: 

In this context, the Format Torino Fashion Week consistently followed its primordial ideas to be different from the traditional fashion weeks and now TFW adapts to the changing time.
The 2021 edition will be totally digital using the interiors images of the refined and elegant Palazzo Madama in Turin.


  • From here  ..available soon..
  • From the websites www.baiabasa.com ;  www.torino-fashion-week.eu 
  • CHANNEL 654   
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TURIN, Italy

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Chile 1
France 3
Germany 2
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India 1
Italy 9
Lithuania 3
Luxembourg 1
North Macedonia 1
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